Rachel K from Seattle, WA 

I received this lovely dress a week ago and was instantly impressed by its beautiful fit and simple elegance. It is incredibly light weight and unbelievably comfortable! I am so excited to have it as the newest addition to my wardrobe and look forward to wearing it to countless events in the future. Thanks, Natalia!


Lisa A from New York, NY

LOVE IT! Paired the 3/4 sleeve dress with my favourite Valentino belt. Friends said it looked amazing. Received huge compliments on the posh look, feel and quality – who doesn’t adore that! And everyone was super impressed with the story of the collection and how the pieces are sustainable and made in a cool new way! All around fantastic!

Pablo F from New Jersey

As a strong supporter of Natalia Allen’s work my opinion is prone to being biased. However, when I saw the dress in a recent soft launch event, I could not help but be impressed by its fit, simplicity and elegance. It made the wearer look sophisticated and chic. The dress also deserves credit for being manufactured ethically, sustainably and with a soft, high quality fabric. I have since purchased one as a gift.

Raquel Griffin from New York, NY

After receiving my cap sleeve dress in the mail I can see why women would want to order the ENTIRE collection! They're fabulous! The fit is absolutely seamless and SO don't even do it justice!! Super thrilled!! Finally found my new "go-to" dress! "Hello, fall simplicity!" Can't wait to own all the styles!! Bravo!!

Shauna Mei from New York, NY

The perfect dress for my travels... Super light and great to go from day to evening... and feels super luxurious. I have never seen anything like it!

Anastasia from Switzerland

I received this wonderful dress a few days ago. Surprise, surprise. It has a wonderful touch, feels soft and smooth. It fits perfectly to the body and is light. Made in one piece, it stands for oneness - uniqueness - sustainability. A piece of Art which I recommend.

April Rinne from San Francisco, CA

This is the. best. dress. ever. Period. I took this dress on a global adventure -- traveled for one month in multiple countries, climates, and in business and casual settings. I wore it more than 10 times, putting it in a ziploc bag and in my suitcase between wearings and not laundering it once (the realities of extended travel!). The dress was magnificent. It looked and felt as good on the tenth wear as it did on the first. It went from day to night seamlessly (pun intended) and was extraordinarily easy to accessorize in a zillion different ways. In all seriousness, I've never received so many compliments on a piece of clothing in my life. Especially as I don't consider myself very fashion-savvy, I feel like I've finally found a dress that takes care of that shortcoming for me. It just looks good. I'm also an athlete, and this dress is so comfy I'd gladly do yoga or take a jog in it -- if my neighbors didn't look at me funny. Thank you Natalia, and look forward to expanding my Essentialist wardrobe!

Rachel Shechtman from New York, NY

I am a huge fan of Natalia's - her story, the design, the quality, the fit! I recently bought this style and find it beyond comfortable and a very flattering fit. Whether you are slim or big boned, it is very versatile. The knit and weight of the dress also makes it great for travel!

Karen H from New York, NY

I love Natalia Allen's dresses! Her approach to design is creative and innovative, with gorgeous results. The seamless construction and lightweight fabric are so appealing. I recently purchased both the sleeveless and 3/4 sleeve dresses and am delighted with them! It's clear to me that they both will be central pieces in my wardrobe for a very long time. They are classic with a bit of edge and so flattering. Did I mention how comfortable these dresses are? I'm eager to see what Natalia does next!

Melissa J from Richmond, VA

What can be said about this dress? The fit is flawless, accentuating those bits about you that you love, and smoothing out problem areas. The fabric is cool and breathable and feels practically invisible, I plan to wear it all through summer to stay stylish. If you wear the dress, you'll love the dress - that's really all there is to it.