Advances in technology provide designers with many new options. In fashion, these new technologies are often applied superficially. For example, adding lights to a dress or speakers to a jacket. One of the ideas that emerged while I worked for Natalia, Inc. is that we should carefully consider the global lifecycle of a product when introducing a new technology.

As a part of the team, I learned a new way to create technological fashion that is not just a visual statement. I learned to use technology in a creative and purposeful way. Complexity does not have to be displayed in the dress instead it can be part of the design solution or process. When you use the right technological tool for the right task, things work smoothly.

It's easy to create a collection using high-tech materials and call it futuristic design. However, I believe meaningful innovation addresses the whole product, process and purpose. Now my goal as a fashion designer is to use technology as a tool to make great products in a better way and ideally without adding problems to the world. It sounds simple but simplicity is complicated. - PRANG


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