May 8, 2013

Bangladesh is the world’s second-largest garment exporter, and contains factories that produce clothing for several European and American consumers. However, working conditions in the country are poor and unsafe, and the wages are extremely low. These hazardous conditions make for buildings that lack the proper foundation and structure that are required to meet safety codes.

Several tragedies concerning factories in Bangladesh have already occurred, which sparked interest to improve safety conditions in the country. However, appropriate measures were not taken in order to improve these conditions because the repairs would be too expensive. This monetary issue unfortunately led to the inevitable collapse of the Rana Plaza Building, which killed more than 800 people and injured thousands.

Without the proper attention, factory workers in Bangladesh will most likely continue to suffer tragic instances like the collapse that occurred in April. For meaningful change to occur, factory owners, fashion brands and consumers must collectively do better. If we do not, hard-working men and women will needlessly risk their lives for cheap fast fashion. NATALIA

Photo credit New York Times


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