Saturday, October 15, 2011

Every year the charming Hudson River Valley town of Rhinebeck hosts the Duchess County Sheep and Wool Festival. The festival presents a unique opportunity for city dwellers like me to meet herders and growers that cultivate natural fibers for clothing and textiles. At the event, I spent most of my time learning about alpaca, wool and llama fibers. Several herders taught me about the diversity of textile fibers within their flocks. There are hundreds of breeds and each one has unique qualities. For example, Merino sheep have the finest and curliest wool so their fibers are prized above most others. I also met with artisans that specialize in traditional fiber dying and spinning practices. I truly enjoyed the event and encourage every New York fashionista interested in seeing how textiles are traditionally made, to make the trip. The next festival is scheduled for October 20 - 21, 2012.  NATALIA

Photo courtesy of Natalia Allen


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